Candi's Carryall Dice Bags

Over the years I’ve created and crafted many things, from enchanting costumes to adorable crochet critters, and a whole lot more! I’ve reimagined the classic, gaming dice bag! Candi’s Carryall Dice Bags. These are not just Dice Bags. They can be used for so much more. Make-up, Medications, Tokens, Small Toys, and many other items.

The great thing about them is; They open nice and wide, so you can see what’s inside and close up nice and tight, so you don’t lose what’s inside.

If you missed out on my Kickstarter campaign don’t worry, you can still purchase dice bags!

These bags have a special place in my heart. I love to make them and each one is different.  I love the creative process. To work with you and your ideas is rewarding.

I have such a verity of fabrics and can find many more. I am unable to set up a shopping system for that reason.  There are too many variables. So please contact me from the Hire Me page.